How to make the first sell

For does who are start their business, tryton is a great choice. I think that will be great to have some explication on how to make the first sell.
What module and configuration are necessary.

Please state your issue using precise language and one question.
I can not help because I do not see a clear question.

One of the maior flaws in Tryton is that it does not at all wants to guide users to do the first steps. The Germans tried to help on that behalf and published “Das Tryton-Buch” The Tryton Book, which exactly does that.

Sorry, It’s in German. If you cannot read German, use deepl translator. We’d be happy if you’d publish the results in your language.

Good luck, Wolf

I was try to say, that for those how are starting in Tryton, it will be good to have a description on how to make the first sell and the necessary modules.

We try to have usage guidelines for every modules. So for sales, there is Usage — trytond_sale latest documentation

The necessary modules depend on your usage and needs.
Tryton is a modular system so you activate the modules you need (it will activate automatically the other depending modules).

It’s what I was looking for.
Thank’s for help

At Tryton Unconference Berlin 2023 we talked about making a presentation video for each feature under All you need to run your business on A sort of presentation showing how a real company (of course using demo data) is managing for example a sale. I have been considering doing the first video for Sale and if it is approved by the community then do the rest.

In the beginning it seems like a lot of things are missing, but actually all the pieces are there.
I am hoping we can use the forum and questions of users in order to improve the way Tryton is documented.

If you think something is missing, or could be documented better then please do ask so we can try to make it more intuitive for the next user :slight_smile: