How to made plug-in for Tryton SAO?

Recently we are going to integrate Tryton with social media platform. So far, Telegram is best choice upon all, due to internal usage.

We are intend to make plug-in to Tryton , sort like Email which to send the message and attachment through the telegram API.

So may I know how to make the plug-in?
Or how to modify the email so that it also can support the telegram or other platform?

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Just drop some javascript in custom.js.

Do you have some example script for starting?

Which kind of integration are you looking at?
We have discussed internally in a module to trigger notifications to users using the telegram API but we never end implementing it.

Another option is to make a bot that stores send/stores record notes to a telegram chat.

There is a sample plugin which adds an option to translate any model which is included on the source code of sao.

Currently I am using wizard and print_form action to implement it.
But it is need to implement to every model. So I intend to make it like the email.
so it can send as per user like

This is the result of sent message.

@pokoli I would highly recommended to a look the telegram.
Especially the bot, which I use to check the server status by sending the query.

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On latest version is possible to have an tree action on any model. So you can launch the wizard for any model. You may have a look at the email archive keyword to see how this can be done.

Sorry but I do not understand. Could you please clarify?

Sorry could explain me what is the “tree action” here? I see the code same like normal relate action

Sorry to direct jump in to the topic. I mean the Telegram bot help me to simplify my maintenance work.
example using python-telegram-bot

Simple tutorial

Some scenario of usage:

In the telegram i type “\status wms_server”.
Then at background (python-telegram-bot) --> some script, written by me, to query server status. And display back to me “HDD, Memory, process, etc”

But it is not related to any model, so it is shown on all the models. This was added on:

So this allows you to execute your wizard on any model without the need of coding any client plug-in.

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Awesome, finally I understand what you mean.
Ok, this is what I am looking for.
Thank you so much.

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