How to improve this "Save Record" - it still asks to save record even though no changes were made

Hi everyone! I want to ask that how can one improve this “Save Record” thing. Every time I close the tab (even though no changes were made in any of the fields) it still gives me this notification to save a record.

To be honest, it can get a little annoying some time, so what I want to do is incase if no changes were made then it should be closed without any popup notification. Furthermore, I am not sure why but sometimes it takes 3-4 clicks to close the tab.

This popup it should only display when there are changes, if no changes were found it should not display.
The 99% of the cases I found this same issue is due to a Functional field in the view, which computes a different value from what it can show to you. So the client detects a difference between what is rendered and what the result of the functional getter is.


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