How to import statement

Thanks a lot @pokoli how can i import statement in bulk ? i cannot see file format while importing xls in import statement

Excel is not a standardized format for bank statement.
But we support already many formats like AEB43, CODA and OFX (see Accounting — Tryton Documentation latest documentation). And we would accept to include any commonly used format.

ok in india we mostly get statement in csv or xls format . what is the best option for us . can we convert this to other format like AEB43 ,CODA and OFX ?

There is a python library for converting csv to OFX.
You may be intersted on using it and import using the OFX format

As there will need to convert CSV format, it is probably simple to convert it to a CSV that can be imported by Tryton clients and create the statement directly.
Another way is to use the copy/paste of CSV to the editable lines of the statement origin.

The interesting fact about the csv2ofx library is that it has a set of mappings for some bank formats so the conversion format can be reused.

Hum, it sounds interesting to provide a module that relies on account_statement_ofx and convert the CSV based on a selected mapping.

I tried importing OFX file but still file format does not appear

Update : Never Mind i havent activate the statement ofx module