How to handle shipping from multiple locations?

I have the following case:

A company has 10 branches, all sell the same products, and they maintain a relatively small inventory of each.

When a sale is made and they do not have the product in a branch, they check to see if there is stock in another branch and they can make the sale even if they do not have the product physically, generally they deliver the product within a period of 1 week.

How to check the existence of all branches at the same time? And also how do you manage transfers between branches?


I do not think we support to supply locations from any other locations.
In case there is a central location which supplies stock to all branches you can use the stock_supply module to automatically create the needed internal shipments to supply stock. You just need to see the provisioning location on the desitionation location and the system will create an internal shipment from such location each time there is a need of stock.

You must use Internal shipments to move goods on locations inside of the company.

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Not being THE Tryton expert, nevertheless I think you could create one “virtual warehouse”, which represents your company’s whole stock. Below that, you place your real warehouses. If all salesmen can see all warehouses, they can always check your whole stock and see which internal move can be made.

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