How to get data in Excel file using python scripting

How can I get all the data exported to CSV file containg all the fields of the of the form view using Python Scripting in Tryton. After each record being saved , the records data gets reflected in CSV file automatically.

Any reference to this requirement will be highly appreciable!!!

Since Issue 9090: Add export CSV route - Tryton issue tracker it is possible to generate an URL from the client which match the export of module (containing the fields you want).
This URL will generate a CSV file with all the record matching the domain.

You can use this feature to generate a file with all the records. If you need to update the values, then probably the best is to use a cron job to update the file on a fixed time basis.

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How can we generate URL from client?? Due to Lack of knowledge about this feature i am unable to get this point and how it works.

Once you are on the export window there is a URL Export button which will give you the url when clicked. See:

I’ve taken the screenshot from the issue linked above.

Note that this feature is only available on 5.6 or newer series.