How to find sold out products?


After the yearly inventory, I need to check the old products that are completely sold out. I don’t find how to do this. In Stock > Location > Products by location, the filter “Quantity: 0” doesn’t report products for which quantity is null. I tried to create an inventory, but same limit, null quantities are hidden.

The view has a domain to filter out record with quantity and forecast equal to zero.
We has the behavior otherwise we have questions and complaint from users.

What is the purpose of finding what you do no have anymore?

To update our catalog (online and referenced on other databases): the sold out references must be set as “sold out” so as no client order it. We sometimes miss the moment where the last item of a serie is sold, inventory should be the period to do that.
We cannot use supply rules for old products where all remaining stock is in a single location.

So this should be done when generating the catalogue. When listing all the products, you can test the quantity field.

I tried to export (CSV) the products with the column Quantity. Strangely it is 0 for every product. Is there another way to export the current quantity?

The field need to know for which locations it must compute so it is used the locations key in the context. And if there is nothing in the context, the quantity is of course 0.

The salable catalog is shown on Sales → Product menú. From there you can filter by quantity and you can select which harehouses you want to find the products.

Of course only salable products are shown on this view.

Thank you Sergi, I discovered this entry, it’s perfect for my need.

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