How to enable 3 views for one ir.action.act_window

if I remember right it was possible to switch the view between more than two act_window.views

Migrating an old project to the latest version I stuck with the problem that the client only switches between the first two views. I want to show calendar, form, and tree.

Am I missing something changed in new versions?

You just have to define the 3 views. Normally there is no limitation in the clients to have only 2 views.

I think this is a bug -

there is a getter of key ‘mode’ which should be ‘view_mode’

btw - it looks like the content does not matter - in my case I get [‘calendar’, ‘tree’, None] because the form is inherited. After I quick lookup it seems that only the length of this value matters …

You can not use inherting view in action, you must use the base view.

Ok. Thanks. Fixed for me.

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