How to disable a view

Is there anyway to disable a view from a new module?

For example, in a module A is defined a form view, let’s called it my_form_view.

On another module, I want to disable it or replace it for a new one.


You can extend the view and use the replace “position” on the <form/> to redefine everything.
But the danger is to break other module that also extend the same view. So it is often better to deal with existing view.
Or you can define a new view and use a smaller number for priority, update view_ids to field which should be use it and update the action records.

Yes, but I need to replace everything and reorder it to my convenience.

And what about to deactivate the action.act_window.view. This way you can make a complete new view and add it to a new action. I am trying to do it but without success.

Yes you can also deactivate ir.action.act_window.view pointing to the view you want to remove and add a new one with the proper sequence value.

I am trying to do so, but no success. More than probably, I am doing something wrong.
Is it there any example on any module?

No I do not think so. Standard modules are build on composition.
I think the best is that you show what you did and what is not working in details.