How to deal with prepaid accounts


I have a supplier for which I had to prepay a balance, and then all orders/invoices from that supplier are paid using this balance. When the balance becomes too low, I have to transfer money to increase it so that I can continue to order.

The original payment was encoded through the bank statement, then the invoices, then the next bank statement when the balance becomes too low, and so on…

My problem is that those invoices are never «paid» in tryton. The bank statement amounts and due invoices pile up in the «lines to pay» screen, but I never have an exact amount that I can reconcile.

What’s the best way to deal with such a process in tryton, and if the way I used is not the right one, how can I recover ?


For me the prepaid is in fact a deposit. So the account_deposit module should work (even if I have only used with customer and with supplier).
So basically you create a first supplier (auto-)invoice with a deposit line (using an account with “deposit” checked). You make the payment for this invoice and book it with a statement.
Now when you receive a supplier invoice before posting it you click on “Recall deposit” which will add a negative line taken from the deposit account. If you have enough deposit for the supplier, when posting the invoice it will be paid and the deposit account of the supplier will decrease.

Ok, I did think about the deposit system, but didn’t know how to initiate it since I have no real invoice. But I can indeed create a false invoice.

Now what would be the best way to transition my current situation to that system ?


In such case I think this is called auto-invoice.

I guess you could group all the payable/receivable lines and move the remaining to the deposit account.

Hi, thanks, I tried to group the lines as indicated, and put the remainder in a depot account, but there are still a few issues:

  • the invoices are not marked as paid. The aged balance is now correct, but all the invoices still appear not paid in the party form and supplier invoices list.
  • the « recall depot » button does nothing on a new invoice. I select the account, put a description, but then nothing happens… So the new invoice is also not paid.


note that I could also manually move the prepayments to the depot account (it’s more logical there than in 440 I guess), and create a payment method that uses that depot account.

Then I can manually pay those invoices, which will simply debit 440, credit the depot account, and mark the invoices as paid.

Would this be considered correct ?

(note that this solves my case, but doesn’t solve the fact that the « recall depot » button does nothing)

This is until the remainder is consumed.

Are you sure the deposit account has party required? Without a party on the line, the system can not know by which supplier the deposit is owned.

You can make the same move as the invoice without doing the invoice but it is just extra work.