How to create the po files for translation?

(Richard V) #1


I would some help on how to create the po files located in the “locale” directory. I know I can manually create one by hand and fill the information, but I was wondering if there is a tool that can scan the python source file for labels or other translate-able text and put them into the po file, so that one can just fill up the translated text? I need this, because I am writing a custom module from scratch and would like to add multiple language support. I tried the pygettext tool, but it does not work directly, something is missing.
Many thanks in advanced.

(Sergi Almacellas Abellana) #2

For the offical module we use the translations server to colaborate

For custom modules you can use any tryton client to add the translations in the translations table and then export them to a po file by using the Export transaltions wizard under the Administration -> Translation menu. The translation process is explained on our documentation