How to create an inventory on several locations

I would like to make an inventory that contains several locations (example 2-A1, 2-A2,2-A3, etc), is it possible in Tryton ?

You should create on inventory for each location.

There is the stock_inventory_location module which can be used to select a list of locations and create an inventory for one of them.

I have 552 locations, so I have to create 552 inventories and print 552 pages, it’s a bit tedious.

We have the same concerns with 1600 “locations”.
We have tried to create a “SUPER” inventory that includes all the child locations.
This is to be able to carry out the inventory at the higher level.
But unfortunately this module is not fully operational.
I think there is an idea for improvement to think about for the standard inventory system in Tryton.

Well you have to set the content of all your 552 locations, no matter what design is used.

If you do not create 552 inventories how do you prefer to inclue the quantities of all locations?
Creating 552 inventories ensures that there is no missing location.

If I create a location structure like the one :

With the inventory creation wizard, if I select location “2” of the view type, all the locations under “2” should be brought back into the inventory.
In the inventory, the location should be put in the line and not in the header.
It’s just an idea

But this will just make think more complex as you will not know the location each inventory belongs to.

Furthemore, you will need to enter the same amount of lines, so no reduction of the task.

You can just search for all the locations that are child of 2 and include on the wizard.
An inventory will be created for all of them.

I think we are missing the confirm button on the list view so it is possible to confirm all the inventories at once.
Also the wizard should give the option to complete or not the created inventories and to set the value for “empty quantity”.

For the encoding, I do not think we need to change because when doing an inventory we count products per location. So it seems logical and easier to get the inventory for the current location and fill lines.

I filled Issue 9563: Improve inventories creation wizard - Tryton issue tracker which:

  • adds relate to open inventory lines so it is possible to search inventory lines from multiple inventories. It should simplify the encoding.
  • adds empty quantity and complete lines options so the created inventories have the proper setup.

I see you did not implement:

but I agree this will be a good adition.

I added it to the stock_inventory_location. I think it is the proper place because this feature is needed when you have a lot of locations and in such case you have probably this module activated.