How to create a credit note manually as the credit wizard with refund does

I stumbled upon a problem with credit notes. While entering our old invoices into tryton I wanted to keep the history with our cancelled invoices which never got paid. So I created an invoice from 2021 and a payment term set and executed the credit wizard.
When creating the credit note with the option “with refund” I always get the warning, that the payment date is in the past. The warning appears every time I press “Yes” to proceed. So it is not possible to proceed. I created an issue.

Without the refund option checked I am able to proceed and a credit note in draft state gets created. But now I wonder how to set the invoice and credit note state manually in the same state as with the refund option.
The state I mean is:

  • invoice is cancelled, even when the option “Cancel Customer Invoice” is not set for the company
  • the cancel move in the invoice is the same as the move in the credit note

The only option I found was using the “Reconcile Accounts” wizard. But then the invoice is in state “Paid” and it gets a payment line. I guess that both states are valid, but I would like to avoid an inconsistency.

You just need to post the invoice and then reconcile its payment lines with the other pending lines.

But it will not be in cancelled state but paid.

Like ced said, it ends up in a different state. I won’t use the refund option for now. Thank you both!

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