How to continue using Tryton Docker after entering not accepted email?

I just installed Tryton with Docker with this tutorial: “How to run Tryton using Docker”
It is a nice tutorial and thanks for the explaining.
But I had a problem with this 2 times and had to delete every container and removing database volume to continue. So I wondering how I could make it faster or continue using the installation.

The problem is, during the database initialisation you have to enter email adress. The first time I used my username, but the script endet with an error because of the missing “@”.
So later, on the second try I used username@localhost but it broke again…
So what can I do tother hen stop and remove everything?

Ok, tried it a 3. time:
trytond.res.user.UserValidationError: The email address “admin@localhost.local” for “Administrator” is not valid. - The part after the @-sign is a special-use or reserved name that cannot be used with email.


only username:
The email address is not valid. It must have exactly one @-sign.

The part after the @-sign is not valid. It should have a period.

The domain name does not exist.

The domain name does not accept email.

I know I could use my read address but everything is broken after a little typo, that is very strange… why not catching that error? I already wrote a script for stop and deleting everything…

But the funny thing, you can leave it empty without problem. But, what if I only want to use tryton local and use internal mail system?

Indeed since Forget Password action dont check if the email is correct (#12215) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab, the admin email is also validate.
The trytond-admin command should handle it and ask for a valid email: trytond-admin crashes with invalid email (#13294) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab.

The email is only required to send reset password but the system can work without it.

Tryton validate that it will be able to send email to this address. In case of local, you do not need to setup an email to reset the password, you can use the trytond-admin command.