How to configure the statement process?


I’m configuring tryton to encode bank statements, and I’m a bit lost in all the needed configurations.

There are accounting journals of type «statement», but also statement journals (under the statements menu), the latter needing the former, and only the former having a sequence. Why do we need two statements journals ? I created both with the same name (bank-accountnr), and the sequence is just numbers. I hope this is ok ?

Also, when I create a new statement, there is a required name field… But the statements are not named :slight_smile: I would tie that to a sequence (bankname-year-number), but that doesn’t seem possible… Do I have to encode that information manually for each statement ?


We need an accounting journal on which moves are booked.
And we need a statement journal to follow the balance between statement of the same journal.

Normally the bank should number the statements or at least have a printed date. So anything that make it unique between all other statements of the same bank account.

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