How to configure html widget correctly?


I was trying html widget on trytond 5.2 but I couldn’t make it work. I added it to a text field and a widget ( in the view form and configure [html] like says Configuration file for Tryton — trytond 5.3 documentation but I receive the follow message.

Internal Server Error

init() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘response’

Do I need some other config?

Could you post the full traceback?

These is the only message I see in the console:
{address bytes} [Fri May 24 10:56:35 2019] GET /demodb/ir/html/ => generated 192 bytes in 1 msecs (HTTP/1.1 500) 2 headers in 83 bytes ()

And in the web form

I see the same message on some days ago, but now it works well.

Thanks in advance.

I think you are using a buggy version of Werkzeug, see Issue 8332: auth_required fails with werkzeug >= 0.15 - Tryton issue tracker

I’m not using Werkzeug, I have a nginx as webserver and proxy, after I use uwsgi to start tryton with a socket. Do I need some special config for these case?

If you are using trytond, you are using Werkzeug.

Yes, it was the trouble, after I upgrade to werzeug 0.15.4 it works fine. Thanks.

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