How to combine multiple draft supplier invoices into one

When a supplier shipment is made, the supplier invoice is created in draft. If the supplier sends a single invoice for all shipments in the month, how to group all draft invoices into one

You need to use purchase_invoice_line_standalone (or something like that) module. This module allows to create just the lines of the invoice. Then you make a new invoice for that supplier and you select the lines you want.

I don’t understand how this module worked but I have just redone tests and it seems to cover my need.
thanks for your help

Here is the documetnation of the purchase_invoice_line_standalone module.

This is not only a frequent case in France, but in other EU countries as well given that

  1. The chargeable event is the supplier delivery, which means VAT is due and should be invoiced
  2. Many suppliers group their deliveries into a single monthly invoice, ordered by delivery note

Selecting anything more than a handful of standalone lines mixed between deliveries was overly tedious for us so we came up with a minimal merge invoice assistant that seems to work okay for us for the moment, though after some improvements arrive in supplier shipment receptions it could certainly be improved.

If interested, ping me offline.