How to change postgresql tryton database user password

Hi all, I changed the PostgreSQL Tryton user password using the psql prompt and changed the password in trytond.conf, but trytond can’t seem to connect to the PostgreSQL server. However, I can connect remotely using the new password from a laptop with pgAdmin 4.

When I first installed PostgreSQL, I used a weak password thinking I would never allow remote connections. However, now I want to use pgAdmin 4 remotely to explore the tryton database, I changed the configuration to allow remote connections and now want to change the password to something more secure (eventually I want to use an ssh key, but a secure password will be good enough for now)

I changed the password back to the old password, edited trytond.conf back to the old password, and trytond connects to the database again (and I can login from pgAdmin 4 with the old password).

I used psql on the server to change the password:

dale@starlord:~ % sudo su - postgres
$ psql
psql (14.6)
Type "help" for help.

postgres=# ALTER USER tryton WITH PASSWORD 'password';

I didn’t restart postgresql after changing the password, but I did kill and restarted trytond after editing trytond.conf.

Can anyone point out what I’m missing?


Probably that your new password contains special char or @, if it is the case you must encode it for the URI.

Thanks @ced. Changed password again without using special characters and trytond connects again.

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