How to cancel a sale where invoice and shipment have been cancelled or deleted?

I have a scenario where I would like to cancel a sale.

The invoice has been deleted and the shipment has been cancelled.

I think I followed these instructions, but I expected to be able to change the state of the sale, however this is not the case.

Is it just simply not possible to change the sale to a cancelled state after all the triggered documents were removed or cancelled?

No it should be in done state.

I have a similar case. I created a sale and moved it to the “in process” state. After that I canceled all advance payments, invoices and shipments, handled the exceptions as to not recreate all of them. Now the sale is still “in process”, shipping state is done and invoice state is none. I don’t have a cancel button, the execute button does not do anything.

What can I do in such a state?

Maybe you are the following case Sale and purchase stays in processing state when all lines are cancelled (#12698) · Issues · Tryton / Tryton · GitLab

Ah alright. Thank you.

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