How to assign transport costs to purchase orders

Hello, another beginner’s question here :slight_smile:

When I encode some purchase orders, I need to keep track of the transport costs that will be invoiced by the supplier. How do I do that ? Do I create a specific service product that I can only purchase ?

I saw the purchase_shipment_cost module, but that seems to add costs to every shipment from the suppliers. Here it doesn’t work like that: each order receives one shipment/administrative cost, no matter how many actual shipments will happen.


You can use account_stock_landed_cost to book as cost for a set of shipment, later invoices.

ok thanks, while searching I also found account-stock-shipment. How do they differ ?

This one is to update the customer shipment cost based on the actual invoice of the carrier. This allows to compute more accurate margin.

ok this is clearly not what I need.

So I tested account_stock_landed_cost… but that one means that I have to manually create a «landed cost» document for each purchase, then attribute the shipment line to every shipment, then only manually recompute the cost price for the products…

I think that I’ll just create shipping products and add them to the invoices

Thanks a lot