How to apply a credit note to multiple invoices

Dear Tryton Community,

I have the following particular situation in which I received a provider’s bill (invoice) for a certain transport service which is posted and paid in full. However during audit, it was discovered that the price was wrong. So the provider decides to issue a credit note for the full amount on the bill ($1000 USD) and immediately creates a new invoice with the right amount ($600 USD). The original invoice was left as it was because it was already paid and posted. In Tryton I will enter the credit note for $1000 USD and the new invoice for $600 USD. In our current accounting procedure, we will use the credit note to pay the $600 bill and have $400 credit remaining to be used later. How can I accomplish this in Tryton and have the $600 invoice marked as paid after that? Also still maintain the credit note’s $400 amount available to be selected as payment for another future invoice.

It seems that nobody can help me out with this simple question, can someone at least point me out a document or tutorial on how to do all the common accounting tasks in Tryton? Sometimes simple things like apply a credit note to “cancel” or “pay” a invoice may seem trivial, but not in all cases. The trivial case where the amount in the credit note is equal to the invoice amount to be “credited back” works without any complication; the credit reverses back the invoice, but when these two amounts are different, it becomes unclear on how to post them in Tryton.

You must unreconcile the initial invoice. So this invoice go back to not paid. Then you use the credit wizard with refund to create the credit note and paid the former invoice.
Once you post the new invoice, you will get for this party a payable of $600 and a receivable of $1000.
You can use the Grouping receivable/payable lines wizard to group both and get a receivable of $400.