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starting off with a fresh installation of trytond V 6.8.1 there are only 21 report types listed in the menu you mentioned above:

How many reports should there be listed initially? And how would I add the report for e.g. pretty-printing a report for a BOM or a report for a production of an order?

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It depends on which modules that you activated. In these screenshot, you can see all the reports for the modules you have installed.

So after creating a new report you will need to create a keyword to link in which model the report will be shown. You can take a look over the tutorial section on how to create a report or search any example like the invoice report.

The problem I see is that I don’t think you can access through the menu the ir.action.keyword view. So I don’t see possible for a user to create a report only using the UI.

I don’t see a problem to introduce a keyword entry on the menu, so maybe we are missing that. But anyone feel free to correct me if this is somehow not a good option.

Last option (but generally not recomended) could be to tweak a bit the sao and pass the name of the model to access it’s view:

The keywords are accessible from the “Administration / User Interface / Actions” entry.

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thank you very much for pointing me to the tutorial. I managed to work it through and got a better understanding of the overall concept - albeit there is still a lot to figure out…

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