How to add new graph view types?

Hi Community,

i was reading documentation about graph view and at present types supported are: vbar , hbar , line , pie

is possible to add new types to create new graph views like: half pie, gauge, solid gauge, funnel, etc interesting for data analysis and to add them to dashboard.?

how to do it?


Only if you submit a change to add them.

Hi @ced too I’m interested in including new charts, where should I start to do it?

at present i look that tryton use pygal library or not?



You should start by creating a new idea explaining the graph types you want to add.
You should check that they are supported by our libraries (or you should contribute a patch to add support for it).

For tryton we use cairo with it’s python bindings. For sao we use c3.

The new graphs should be added to both clients.

Thank you very much @pokoli i going to read more about this

@pokoli are you checked plotly library?

No, why we should check/use it?

Yes, I think you should review and maybe it is better to use it than having two types of library, could only have plotly for both the desktop client and web client.

i was checking and it have more charts, more integration types and compatibility … i don’t know is only an idea…

i will start to test plotly javascript with sao…