How to add context to a many2many field


How to add context to a many2many field

I want to add a context form in a search field, for example when selecting a product in sales lines.

Any recommendation will be very appreciated.

There is not context model that can be defined. But you can set the context attribute on the field.

I need to filter products, not properly defining a context.

If I could use filters based on a specific domain it would be better.

To filter you must define a domain.

I can use the domain in the field but it is not what I am looking for.

For example, I have a product that has a brand and a line.

Brand is a many2one field and line as well, which depends on brand.

In the filters window I would like to have the ability to search by brand and line.

All products have a brand and line so for the same reason I need to define a way to filter them.

I thought about using a wizard to do it but I was looking at the possibility of using filters.