How to add attachment from network share on Microsoft Windows?

We’re still suffering with attachments… now, for diverse reasons, we have a windows client where we need to be able to add attachments to purchase orders, delivery notes and invoices.

Our multifunction photocopier puts the documents on a network share which works just fine with the linux client.

The user can access this share just fine with the doze explorer, but with tryton client only local files are possible in the file selection explorer, with no way to access either the shortcuts or a means to give the full network file path (\\server\path\to\files)

Anybody know how to crowbar the tryton client into working reasonably with network shares?

This more a GNOME / Samba integration question than a Tryton one imoh.

under Windows OS, you could create a link of network share to system letter (Z:\ for example). This way, the Tryton client should be able to transparently accessing remote location.

well, as primitive as it is, at least the top level share is accessible from there. thanks.
Unfortunately the shortcut goes right to the directory needed which is many many clicks away.
Is there no way to use a more capable network aware file browser?
I seem to remember vaguely back in WNT4 days there was a way to do it (but it has been 20 years since I even bother with code on M$)

You can definitely access network shares from the file selection dialog without needing to map a drive, but it was quite a while ago when I last needed to set this up for someone, and it took some time to figure out how to do it. Unfortunately I don’t have a windows machine available at the moment, and I can’t remember exactly what you need to do…

I know saying that this is not too helpful, but it involved either:

  • Dragging the folder that you wanted to access from a Windows Explorer window into the Bookmarks / Other Locations part of the file selection dialog, or
  • Editing one of the gtk settings files to add the folder into the Bookmarks / Other Locations.

Sorry if that wasn’t too helpful, hopefully that will point you in the direction of the solution.

The first, alone, doesn’t seem to make any difference.
Where does one edit gtk settings in doze?

Have yo tried to drag and drop the attachment from windows file explorer on clip icon in the Tryton gtk client?

I think it was somewhere under the %APPDATA% directory, it might have been somewhere like %APPDATA%.config\gtk-3\bookmarks?

I discovered something similar today. My client told me about this. They are in a 99.9% windows environment, so all the PC’s / laptops have windows 10 installed, and mostly all the servers are windows servers. Everything goes through Active Directory, filesharing is windows etc. Network drives are mapped to drive-letters. They were on Tryton version 5.0, today I upgraded them to version 5.4

What we discovered was that when the client login into his pc, he first needs to go to a network-drive and “physically” open it (list files and folders) before he starts the Tryton client. The the drive appears in the file selection dialog, otherwise he had quit the Tryton client and use windows explorer to open the drive and start the Tryton client again.

I didn’t test it thoroughly, but will do.

Other clients didn’t complain yet because they can drag-and-drop files onto the paperclip, but this particular client does it a bit differently and have to add the file through a binary field.