How to add amount to account_stock if we add a landed cost to a supplier shipment?


(Maxime Richez) #1


We use the modules account_stock_continental and account_stock_landed_cost
If we add a landed cost to a supplier shipment and recompute the cost price with the wizard “update_cost_price”, the account_stock is not updated by the new value.


Creating a new account_stock move with the value of the landed cost (move_quantity * unit_landed_cost)


(Cédric Krier) #2

I do not think it requires a blueprint.
This topic is already discussed at

(Thierry Bruyere) #3

Yes, it would be possible to impute the difference in value in the account stock via the cost price update with the counterparty account.
We could use the cost update wizard, but it would be necessary to calculate the difference in value between the old cost price and the new cost price.

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