How to add a new carrier to Selection


How should I add a new carrier to a country selection?
Splitting a single carrier able to ship to many countries means entering many lines (one by country), this is error prone. Is there a simpler way to proceed?

You do not need to split the carrier. You just fill carrier selections according to define the rules.
But usually the same carrier party has different price for shipping to different countries. So usually you have to create one carrier per couple of countries.

Why is it error prone? There is no information duplication.

Sorry if I am not clear. I have some postal services that can ship to dozens of countries. Conditions change. I need to create a second carrier with different price. So I need to fill in dozens of selections, so that this new carrier can be selected as a shipping service for the dozens of countries.
My question is: is there a way to duplicate or copy many lines in such a case?

You can use the client “duplicate” tool with many records selected but they will be exact copy of the original. Then you will have to change the carrier of each of those new selection records.

Maybe we could add a One2Many on carrier to list the selections (without the sequence order). This way duplicate the carrier will duplicate the selections also.

This would be a great help in dealing with ecommerce carrier services (many services, many countries).

I created Issue 8817: Add selections One2Many on carrier - Tryton issue tracker