How to add a dimension to journals?

I have a scenario where I need to import journals from Tryton into another accounting application.

In this scenario the accounts track sales and purchases separately for the 2 locations of the business, so each journal line would need this attribute.

In the other accounting application this is done with a simple tag on the journal.

I was wondering if one of the analytic modules would help me achieve this, but I could not see how this could be done based on the warehouse.

I guess you can develop to extend the analytic rule to use warehouse as criteria.
The analytic rules are only applied once the move is posted so you will have to get the warehouse from the move line.

Or you could extend the sale and purchase to fill the analytic entries automatically when they are confirmed based on their warehouse.

We have done this on a custom, but we have no problem on including it on core if it’s relevant for the community.

It turns out that I may not require this functionality.

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