How to adapt the Tryton modules to us

Hi there
I am an entrepreneur and CEO of a French-speaking company (Country: Niger, City: Niamey).
I am an integrator of opensource ERP solutions and web development through my company ( only in French for the moment).

Thanks to one of your integrator friends in Spain, I discovered Tryton. Given its difference with Odoo and Dolibarr, I would like to associate this ERP in our ERP solutions.

On this, I need technical assistance (developer) to help me adapt the Tryton modules to the requirements of the General Directorate of Taxes to produce so-called CERTIFIED invoices.
A requirement in the following countries: Niger-niamey, Benin-cotonu, Burkina and Togo

Can you help me?

Noted that everyone in our country is talking about Odoo and Dolibarr. I WANT TO TALK ABOUT TRYTON

We have a list of service providers on our website. Maybe you should contact them directly to help you.

We can not give more hints if you do not share the localization requirements of oyur countries.
Maybe you will be intrested on reading the How to create your country localization module for accounts topic to learn how to configure taxes and reporting.

Also there is the Spanish SII and French Chorus modules which are used to send the invoices to tax authorities using a web services. Maybe that is similar to what you need.