How to activate edocument modules


I was checking edocument_* modules, but it looks like i am missing something in the installation process.

I have marked them for activation, and performed activation but they still are shown in status “marked for activation” and nothing happens.

what am I missing?

btw both trytond and the a.m. modules were installed with pip.

Is there any log on the server side?

I can not see any.

fiddling with “mark for upgrade” i was able to set them as “activated”, but I still can not see any difference.

what am I suppose to see / be able to do? where? from the source I get that this affect posted invoices, but I’m not able to find anything related when I open one.

There are nothing really visible provided by those modules. They are mainly tools for others like account_fr_chorus.

I see. I was just trying to create an invoice and then export the xml. I was trying to understand if they could be a base for implementing fatturapa (the italian standard for digital invoices).

I need to get a bit more familiar on how tryton works first :sunglasses:

thanks for the assistance