How do I list sale lines and search/filter them?

Yet another stupid dummy question - sorry for that.

How do I list sale (or purchase) lines and search/filter them -
eg by product, party, time range, warehouse, etc.

Do I need a particular module for that?


This is not an intended use case. What is the goal?

Well, I need to do basic statistics on my sales, such as:

  • sales per customer in various periods
  • sales per product in various periods
  • both combined - how many of different products did a certain customer buy in various periods of time,
  • vice versa - how many of one product did different customers buy in different periods of time

Some of those I can answer by sales > reporting > sales, but some I can not. Always not sure whether that’s due to my inability.

There are so many questions to overall of my sales that I would have expected a feature to query all search lines by various variables.


We had requests from some of our users for such feature.

One use case is being able to search sales by product to check the last prices and quantites the customer bought from the same product that is currently ordering now.

We recommended them to export the sales combined with lines information but they found it counterintuitive and complex.

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Could be linked to this discuss : Purchase/Sale history of a product