How do I completely uninstall tryton server and its module

Hey guys

ive installed tryton and its module on a windows10 machine through pip install. I was wondering how I can remove it completely so i can try to practice installing ti again

If you installed using pip you can uninstall using pip also:

pip uninstall trytond

Hope it helps!

will that also uninstall all the modules?

No, you should include the name of all the installed modules also. Something like:

pip uninstall trytond trytond_party

It depends how far you want to go back. If you want to start from scratch again, I would suggest to reinstall Windows 10 completely :smiley: If you want to start with PostgreSQL, Python etc already installed and you have created a Python virtual environment to do the installation of Tryton, you can just create a new Python virtual environment and start over again.
If you haven’t created a Python virtual environment, I would suggest you to do it with your new installation. It makes things easier to test, but it’s also kind of isolated from the rest.