How do I add parties to the "parties associated to sales" category?

I’m struggling to add parties to the “parties associated to sales” category. How can I do that?

I have thousands of parties, and most of those are vendors. I have only 10-20 customers, so I want to see those in a separate table.


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You do not have to add them there. They are added automatically when you create a sale related to the party.

The same applies for purcahse and parties associated to purchases!

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Thanks a lot, @pokoli . Very good to know. Is there a database table that contains this “parties associated to sales” info, or is it just the “distinct/unique” customers from the sales table? I’m guessing the latter.

What I really want is a list of parties that are customers (as opposed to vendors). I’ve made myself a workaround by creating a customer “category” called “Customers”, and I go into each “customer” party and add them to that category. Then the following PostgreSQL query gets me the info I need:

select as customer, as category    	
from party_party as pp
inner join party_category_rel as pcr
    on =
inner join party_category as pc
    on = pcr.category

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Nan-Tic has some modules which adds checkboxes to the form which you can tick if the party is a customer or supplier or both.

Go to and search for party_customer or party_supplier. They are also on github (

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You guessed right. There is no table for customers nor suppliers. All of them are stored as party

Yes, that’s a good way of categorizing your parties. If you go to the Party -> Categories menú option you can get all the parties of a category by double clicking the category…

But this modules also add a domain on sale and invoice which does not allow you to select a party for sales and customer invoices if it does not have the customer set.

I prefer to allow to create a sale for any party as having a flag may cause to create duplicated parties: i.e: you search for a party which does not have the customer flag and you create it. Now you have to records which represent the same party.

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