Help with setting up basic Buchhaltung

Hi everyone,
I need help with setting up Tryton for basic ‘Buchhaltung German Style’. I have installed Tryton in a Ubuntu system virtual environment using the German install skript. During the install I used the Modliste-03skr-60-Muster.lst, renamed it to [database-name].lst and a whole bunch of modultes got installed. I can acces the server with the client and need now some hints on which modules to activate and how to configure them to set up basic Buchhaltung.
I am running an early stage startup, GmbH is registered and I need to be able to exchange data with our tax advisor who is using datev. At this point we don’t have sales, we just have expenses which have to be booked and connected to the invoices.
Is there documentation on how to do this?

Expenses should be booked as supplier invoices.
Have a look at our documentation, especially on the section which explains Handling supplier invoices

And of course we recommend “Das Buch Tryton”.

AFAIK, there is no publicly available way to communicate with DATEV. But to be serious: You’re using Tryton to get rid of your tax advisor, don’t you? - Drop me a line if you want personal support. (;


I guess you just want to use Tryton for management accounting.
So you need to define with your tax advisor what needs to be communicated and in which way.

So you probably need the purchase module and definitely the account_invoice module.

Thanks for your replies, ced and pokoli. I will have a look at the mentioned link and at the account_invoice module.
@herrdeh I do know the Book and by no means do I want to get rid of the tax advisor. The opposite is the case. If I could afford it I would hire an accountant but that’s not possible at this point.