Help with jsonRpc for Tryton in wxPython

Hello. My name is Nelson, I am from Argentina. I have recently started trying to develop a tryton client in wxPython.
So far I can only make a successful login and keep the session active for future consultation. The thing is, I don’t know where to start to continue. For example, if I wanted to list the options in the sidebar menu, I don’t know what the correct query would be like. And if I could do it, how is each action triggered afterwards?
For example, I would like to obtain the configuration module and its subitems, and when pressing an item, display it in the central panel.
I am using builtin RPCExecute class from the trytond common module.
Any help Thanks

Well that is an ambitious goal.

Well we do not really document how to build a client because we provide one (and we do not expect others need to develop one).

You need to retrieve the tree structure from the model using the standard CRWD methods.

The actions are stored in ir.action and the keywords ir.action.keyword define where they can be used.
So for the menu there are one or many keywords for each record that are stored in the model Reference field of ir.action.keyword.

The best source of information is the current client implementations.

Thank you very much for your prompt reply. Yes it is something ambitious, but it is something that I need to do for a personal endeavor. Tryton is great but customizing the interface to be intuitive is not so intuitive. And I plan to make a friendly interface for those who have no idea of ​​computer science.
So I can do it with RPCExecute (‘model’, ‘’)?

Any proposal to improve that is welcome. Indeed it will probably faster to improve current clients that creating a new one.

You can call the CRWD methods of via RPC.

As I told you, I am from Argentina, and particularly from a very small city, and the truth is that people are having a very bad time, many businesses have closed and those who want to undertake something are impossible due to the lack of administration, I would like to collaborate with them offering tryton but in a way that they don’t get overwhelmed with too difficult settings, and adding useful functionality. That is, I do not want to direct it towards companies with employees who understand accounting and can do everything well, but to small merchants who live their day to day, but without being later punished by AFIP (the collector), for not knowing accounting or administration .

In this case I do not think the first step is to rewrite a client but to define a good default settings/setup for such business. Once you have a system working correctly, you can clean the UI from unneeded stuffs (if there are).

I’m pretty sure that the difficulties do not come from the UI but from the on boarding.
I have already created some vertical application in Tryton and by having good defaults and clean UI, I could get (almost) untrained user to work on it.
For me the main point to improve is the blank state of the client: Blank state improvements

You’re right, maybe I should focus on it. Thank you very much for your guidance, a hug

Just in case someone else looks for the same kind of information in the future, the easiest way to “know” what the client is doing would be to enable “verbose” logging (on the client or the server).

Then, all RPC calls (requests, and respones if verbosity is enough) will be logged in the console, which ease a lot with understanding how the client works.

That being said, I agree with @ced that creating a new client from scratch is probably not the best option in your case.