Help setting up production server with proxy


I have a server on a VM, it’s running perfectly but I want to access it from the internet. We have a reverse proxy in the company, but I can’t communicate with my server from outside the intranet. Is there an extra modification that I have to do to the config file? All ideas would be very appreciated.

The first question is which one? Apache, nginx … I have nginx running which proxies the data to uwsgi which runs Tryton. Keep in mind that Tryton have to run on the root, so you maybe have to create a separate subdomain.

So generally speaking, you have a WSGI server which runs Tryton (NEVER use the development server in production!). If the WSGI server is working, you can connect the reverse proxy to it through a socket or port. You have to do configuration on the WSGI server and the reverse proxy server.

It can also be a firewall problem in the way that the proxy server is not exposed to the internet.

Search this forum with 'reverse proxy` and you get several topics about it.

I run an Apache2 reverse proxy with no problem (ip4)
If your proxy cares about certificates, it can forward traffic to Tryton port.
Logging on the proxy, can you reach your VM ?
I would check if ipaddress is pingable and if iptables are correctly set in case you use NAT.