Help needed in Domain creation

I have this code of Renumeration Bill model which has a field “exam”

 exam = fields.Many2One(

This model(exam_section.exam) has an attribute called “exam_type”. Now I have a One2Many field called “purpose” in Renumeration Bill model

purpose = fields.One2Many(

Now in the model “exam_type.purpose_and_pay_renum”, I have a field called “purpose” which goes something like this

purpose = fields.Many2One(
        ('exam_type', '=', )

Now in this domain I want to fetch the “exam_type” of the “exam” field in Renumeration Bill.
I have tried the following








None of them seem to work. I want to make a domain that correctly fetches the exam_type.
The model ‘exam_section.exam_type.renumeration’ also has the attribute ‘exam_type’

Some help is appreciated

For now Eval does not support domain inversion, so you should create a functional field on your model that returns the value of the exam_type of your parent model. Something like:

exam_type = fields.Function(fields.Many2One(), 'on_change_with_exam_type')

def on_change_with_exam_type(self, name=None):
    if self.renumeration and self.renumeration.exam:

Hope it helps!

This should be improved for new versions when Issue 8528: Support dot notation on eval - Tryton issue tracker is resolved. Which will allow using the following syntax:


It works, however, I have to save the record in order for the domain to work. What do I need to do in order to avoid saving the record first?

Currently testing this using SAO

But it will not allow to traverse Many2One except via the _parent_ attribute if it is inside a One2Many.

That’s because you are probably missing some value on the depends decorator of the on_change_with, which makes the function to not be called when updating the parent field.

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