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Is there a guide for how to go about configuring Tryton? I am a former tech guy with some experience in databases and development many years ago. I have only limited familarity with accounting. So when I see terms like ‘move’ and so on I am a little lost. I can see that Tryton is very configurable. I am looking at the demo system, but only a few things are configured and defined. I would be glad to help document these things if they are not existing. I understand that the Tryton is evolving quickly and changes all of the time. However, if we could provide some definition of concepts and some guidance around how things are meant to be set up it would be helpful in the uptake and aid in implementation.

As I mentioned, I would be glad to work on this if I could have some of the more knowledgeable people answer a few questions etc.



Hi Paul,

Our documentation lives on The account documentation lives under the Modules -> Financial Accounting -> Accounting section. This should give you an introduction to all the accounting concepts.

Tryton is designed to have a default value for most of the settings, so you only require configuration if you need to change default values. Once you activate a module that needs some special configuration a wizard will be automatically opened asking you to fill the details. For example, it is required to create a company and to create a account chart if you use the accounting module.

We know that our documentation needs to be improved and any help on this will be very welcome. Here are some topics that talk about it:

Indeed we are also valorating the possiblity of apling to google summer of docs.

Feel free to use our forum or IRC channels to ask your doubts. We will try to answer them as soon as possible.

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Hello Sergi,

First, please accept my many thanks for the detailed and thoughtful response. I have been watching the forum for quite and the whole community is very responsive and supportive.

I will do as you suggest and read the documentation that you have provided here and start using the IRC channels.

What you have provided here is a good start for me. I hope that I can begin to contribute very soon to this important project. Cedric’s idea of creating tutorial video’s is an excellent one. I would be happy to participate in such an effort.

Best regards,


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We have a youtube account for the Tryton foundation so if you want to record some videotutorials on how to do some process on Tryton we can upload them there.

Did you have any idea on which topics to record?

Hi Sergi,

I was thinking that since the analytical accounts are of importance to my business maybe I should learn how to use them and maybe to a how to on them. Give me a couple of weeks and perhaps I can send an outline and you can tell me what you think.



Of course, take your time to master your skills and feel free to ask any doubts it may arrise.

I’m thinking that it will be great to have some videotutorial to configure tryton for a specific use case. Probably you can do that for your use case starting once the server is installed you can descrive how to configure accounting, how to enter invoices, how to set anaylitic accounts. This will be splited in severall small videos that one can pick what he prefers.

Dear pokoli,
Thank you so much for all the assistance you are providing. I also need some more information about accounting package. I think you are supporting double entry accounting method. Right ?

Do you have any video documentation on how to setup Tryton and start basic configuration?