Сhecking for an open tab in Desktop Client

Is it possible to check that a tab is open in Desktop Client?

No, but normally you just open a tab and if the tryton client detects it is already opened it will just switch to it instead of opening a new duplicated one.

I observed this behavior in Tryton 4 and Tryton 5. But in Tryton 6, a new duplicate tab opens for me. What does this depend on?

In newer version the tab may depen on more values like context and other values.

In which case you get a duplicated tab? Can you share some steps to reproduce your issue?

Here are my steps for module mymodule and model mymodel:


<!-- The action to open a window for model mymodule.mymodel -->
<record model="ir.action.act_window" id="act_mymodel_window">
    <field name="name">Mymodel</field>
    <field name="res_model">mymodule.mymodel</field>
    <field name="context_model">mymodule.mymodel.context</field>

<!-- Defining views for our model mymodule.mymodel -->
<record model="ir.ui.view" id="mymodel_view_tree">
    <field name="model">mymodule.mymodel</field>
    <field name="type">tree</field>
    <field name="name">mymodel_tree</field>
<record model="ir.ui.view" id="mymodel_view_form">
    <field name="model">mymodule.mymodel</field>
    <field name="type">form</field>
    <field name="name">mymodel_form</field>

<record model="ir.action.act_window.view" id="act_mymodel_view1">
    <field name="sequence" eval="10"/>
    <field name="view" ref="mymodel_view_tree"/>
    <field name="act_window" ref="act_mymodel_window"/>
<record model="ir.action.act_window.view" id="act_mymodel_view2">
    <field name="sequence" eval="20"/>
    <field name="view" ref="mymodel_view_form"/>
    <field name="act_window" ref="act_mymodel_window"/>

I wonder if it’s just me who has a duplicated tab that opens when I execute the menu item again?

Can be, which browser and version are you using? Can you test this behavior on demo?

I don’t use a browser. I’m using Desktop Client 6.4.