Have an option to create some simple payment methods when setting up account charts

I already asked this on IRC, but putting it here again for more people to see and to see what others think:

We don’t use tryton for the actual accounting, so setting up payment methods for non accounting people can be slightly confusing (at least it was for me).
I propose to add some simple, optional (standard?) payment methods to the setup wizard for the account module (e.g. when setting up the “Minimal Account Chart” - maybe optional? - ask if one wants to set up a cash payment method and/or card or bank transfer)

The problem I see is that payment methods are linked to an account, so we can not make any assumption for the use account and we will need to ask this value for the user.

This will make no difference with the current behaviour but just give more visibility.

hmm you think there is no (sensible) default one could [áoptionally] add to the minimal account chart? People who know what they are doing will likely create a more elaborate accouting chart anyway and adjust that imho…

alternatively some documentation with examples based on the minimal account charts would be a good alternative.

Indeed for most official chart of account, invoice payment method will be linked to newly created sub-account.
Also in many other cases, companies would want to prevent to use invoice payment method and prefer to use statements.

The only improvement I see, is that the demo script could create a manual invoice payment methods so the demo will show a simple use case.

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I’ll have a look regarding using statements … tbh i haven’T checked that out yet as the plan so far was just to mark them as paid.

For the record Issue 9572: Add a invoice payment and writeoff methods to demo - Tryton issue tracker already exists

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ah thanks. I did not see that, because it was demo related