Hash email password

And yet another question:
It does not really feel comfortable to have email password, user name and smtp unencrypted in one single plain text file. Is there a method to eg hash the string?

Hash will not secure any more the setup.
At best you could store the configuration file on an encrypted folder/partition that must be mounted when the server start or restart.
At least you must limit the read access to only the user running trytond.

But in any case, you should use a user/password that is only dedicated to connecting to the SMTP server.

Another way is to use a local SMTP server as relay which accept connection from location without requiring authentication. Then you rely on this local server to forward (using credential stored in this local server) to the public SMTP server.

Thank you for pointing that out.
At the end of the day, I’m now using a separate smtp from a dummy account which is not in use for receiving mails.

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