Handling import turnover tax (Einfuhrumsatzsteuer)

I purchased a palette of wheels from China - and indeed, everything arrived safely. :slightly_smiling_face:
The purchaser didn’t charge taxes, but German port authorities of course did. To book all that, I did this:

  • created a tax rule “free of VAT”
  • assigned this rule to the Chinese supplier
  • introduced the Chinese supplier as second vendor to the wheels

When I now create a purchase containing all my wheels, it still computes standard German VAT (Vorsteuer). How can I make tryton to override the standard tax rule and apply the supplier and item specific ones?


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It depends on the invoices received. But normally you will have the following:

  • Supplier invoices
  • Port authorities invoice for the custom services

If the port authorities is the one chargin the vat you should paid to him. So you should create and invoice for the port authorities with:

  • The line for it’s services using a standard german VAT
  • A manual tax line containing the base and the amount of the imported goods.

This way, you will have the right computation of the amount to pay to both suppliers:

  • For the chinese one you only pay the value of goods
  • For the port authorities you pay the services + local vat + import goods vat

Hope it helps.

BTW, there is the account_landed_cost module which allows you to link the custom services with the goods imported, so the cost price of the cost is increased including the extra costs required to import them.

Thank you for your quick reply. I think I did as you described - separated goods’ price and import turnover tax into two distinguished incidents.
Remains the question how I can “bless” my supplier as “tax free”.

I’ll have a look at the module you mentioned.

You should create a tax rule for the supplier that sets a tax with zero rate.

Normally if you use a standard chart of accounts this tax rules should be already defined

Yes, I’m using standard German SKR04.

Yes, such I did. (Seems as if I learned something about Tryton all recent months…) :wink:
Nevertheless, my test article still is charged with standard input VAT.

I’m not familiar with the german account chart but I will expect it already defines a tax rule for this case.

How you created the tax rule? Are you sure it is correctly defined?

BTW you should test creating a new invoice line because tax lines are only computed when the product is added to the invoice line.

Yes, I learned that.

Never ever… (-;

Here it is. “Original Tax” and “Substitution Tax” dont have any entries in my German standard account table “SKR04”. Do I need them?


With this setup the origin tax is cleared and not tax is used for the line. This is fine if you do not need to report the tax amount under any tax code.

If you need to report to the tax authorities the amounts of turnover tax, you should create a new tax and use it as substitution tax.

Can not give more advice because I’m not an expert on the German Legislation, sorry.

Thank you. For unknown reason, now it works, no tax is computed, as I want.
I guess, sometimes it is like this in computers - we do not really know why…