Handling first and second name

Yasq… (Yet another stupid question…):

Tried to import my parties & contacts. Understood that one party can have several contacts. But I’m used to have separate fields for the first and the second name, lots of software makes this distinction. Does tryton not? - Do I have to save first and second (prename, family name) in one data field?


Perhaps, but they probably should have considered this:

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First name/family name is not an international standard. Tryton has a single field.
I think we might add an “how do you want us to call you” field to be able to fit local usages.
For example Vladimir Poutine could be called Vladimir Vladimirovitch in personal communication.

Yes put the full-name in the name field. This is the best thing you can do to deal with any person name.

Thanks for the combined force in answering… (-:
Unluckily I can only tick the “correct answer” button once.

Some time ago We need this feauture and had to develop a simple custom module for this, look at [https://github.com/formateli/trytond_party_lastname/tree/develop]. I hope this can help you.

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Sure it will. Thank you.
Why is copyright set to B2CK ?

This branch is under develop, so it need some reviews. However We take a look at several Tryton modules in order to write this, so We consider copyright should be shared with them. (P.D, We should be added too)

I create this Copyrigth on custom modules discussion about copyright in custom modules.

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