Grouping payment lines difficulties

I’m trying out the new grouping payment line feature, but am encountering some difficulties…

  1. The movement created seems to use today’s date which is far from being a useful default… AFIK the default date of the movement could better be the most recent of the payable lines, if the period is closed it could be the first day in the first open period thereafter. The due date does seem correct though.
  2. The new grouped line doesn’t appear in the lines to pay list (!), though the grouped lines are now gone.
  3. Canceling the grouping fails with a message that a value is necessary for ‘effective date’.

It was decided to be the less annoying behavior because there are not best value.

Because the grouping move is not posted, see Issue 8410: Show grouping move - Tryton issue tracker

It is unfortunately the most annoying behaviour as in order to change the date/period you need to leave the context of where the operation was made, then you change the date, which is seldom in the same period, then you need to change the period which will change the date to the first day in the period.

It would be probably better to propose the date as indicated above (and in the issue), while providing a simple button to set the date to today for those that could really, indeed, use it (quite unusual in a production accounting system with more than a handful of monthly operations).

Ah, okay.
BTW… the description entered in the grouping form only fills the move description and not the move lines description, leaving blank the description as displayed in the lines to pay list.:frowning_face: