Group moves when assigning

When the moves are assigned could be good to group them by product, from location, to location and description, shipment or more if it is required, also more keys could be added in different modules if are installed.
By doing that, the information would be improved as would be shown cleaner and more organized and users would find it easier to manage all the moves.
It would be difficult to implement this feature in a generic manner?
I’m overlooking something?
Thanks beforehand.

Why do you need to group them? Normally the moves are already grouped as in the outgoing moves you create a move with the requested quantities and then they are splited just in case they are not available on the same location or diferent lots are required.

How you say, normally, is that way, but in some cases the users end up splitting moves by location reasons or other criteria, but after they get it from the same location.

Then just move the shipment click on the wait button before assignint.

This will just delete an recreate the inventory moves re-grouped before assigning them.

My proposal is generic not only for Shipments. Apart, I think that this only can be done for Customer Shipments.
Also in the case that some changes were made not according to the default values that tryton applies, doing that would result in deleting that changes that the user wants to keep.

Unless you do not explain the concrete problem you want to solve we can not provide a generic solution for it.

Which changes? Why they should be keep?