German "Vereinnahmte Entgelte" taxation, IST Besteuerung

is there a way to configure the account module to book the VAT when an invoice is payed by the customer and not when the invoice is created? It’s called IST-Besteuerung or “nach vereinnahmten Entgelten” in German (for future googlers).
For smaller businesses and certain types of companies this is the preferred way to handle taxation.
It basically means, that you just book a receivable including the tax amount and when the invoice is settled, you split the payable VAT and the earnings.

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Die Fa. M-DS in Teltow hat dafür ein Modul. Ich würde da mal anfragen.


Yes with the Account Tax Cash Module.

The core-module [Account Tax Cash Module] might fulfill your needs. Our “EUeR-Modul” (Ist-Versteuerung) on top on Cedric’s module move the “open” amounts to the accounts “schwebende Erträge” and “USt nicht fällig” until payed, analog Datev reporting (not knowing how they handle it internally). So, same result, more tradionally :wink:

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Thank you very much for your quick replies. I will try both ways to see the difference. Either way should work, the latter I presume will be more comprehendable.

Just to mention that “tax based on payments” works differently in some other countries.
For France, the amount of the tax and goods prices are correctly booked at invoice date, but tax amount is to-get-paid or to-get-refunded (due date) only at payment date.

I installed the Account Tax cash module and it seems to be working (even though I do not understand why from the documentation). At least a have a credit with tax due to an unpaid invoice that doesn’t show up in the Reporting->Tax View. However, there is still a problem with my testdata:

  • I sold something and got 17,10 Euro VAT (debit)
  • I bought something and paid 38 Euro to the supplier. (credit)
    → This should result in a credit of (38-17,10 Euro = 20,90 Euro)
    However the Tax Report shows a balance of 55,1 Euro.

What am I missing?
Do I have to manually balance the accounts upfront?
Maybe I just don’t understand how tryton handles that stuff?

i was hoping to get a C&P - Template for the monthly filing of tax (return).

Thanks for your help

It is just that the chart of account is wrongly defined.

I dropped the Database and recreated it.
I created the set of acccounts from the skr03 template (pre installed module in dockerimg). The account moves seem to be logically ok. The Accounts themselves do show the correct values on the credit or debit side. The are on the correct side of the “assets and liabilities”. The only thing i added myself regarding tax is the taxes on the product accouting category.

What am I supposed to configure for the tax_cash_module? I added the groups vat, vst, reduced_vat to be considered valid for tax_cash handling. Is that correct? I did this in the accounting period and the party, that receives or pays the invoice. Whatever id do, same effect. Any hints?

I do not think the problem is in what you configured but it is in the configuration of the skr03 chart (I do not think we have a good support for it from the German community).

I might have found the error, but need someone to confirm that. If I am am not mistaken, the error will happen as well with the third party module mds-account-de-skr04 7.0.7. I cant test it, because I get an error with empty message when running the “create accounts” wizard and no accounts are created.

The Chart of Tax seems to be using the Financial Tax-Codes with the operators, probably iterating over the invoice lines and deciding whether to add or to substract the tax. But for this to work, input tax an VAT must have different operators on the same Invoice types. Currently the operators are the same.

Can you at least confirm that I am on the right track. I really would like to operationally test Tryton, but need that stuff solved (or and least controllable for a test-period).?
Do I break basic accountig-logic if I change the operators or is it just for reporting?
Shall I open another thread for this issue?

This would have been my first guess.

No it is just how sum in the tree are computed for reporting.

A bug report will be better.

I’m talking about the tax definition, the bug on mds-account-de-skr04 must be reported to the authors.

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