Generic question about expenses without actual invoices


I have a rather generic question about expenses without actual invoices: what is the « canonical » way to encode them in tryton ?

Things like contributions (social security, taxes,…), fines (administrative, police,…),…

We usually receive a paper or an email for all of these, but it’s not an actual invoice. And most of the times, the expense should go in accounts which are not proposed when encoding an invoice. (I just received a small fine because my tax declaration was late, this should go in a 66xxx account for Belgium)

Now I can encode them as invoices, and surcharge the accounting models to propose every needed account when I create an invoice line, but I’m curious: is there a better way that I’m not aware of ?



You should encode them by creating account move.

Another option, if you use the statement module and you pay such invoices by bank account you can book them directly from there.

Ok the statement method is ok and fast, but does not let me attach the document itself in tryton. So I don’t have the justification for the move readily available in the system.

So I’ll go the account move route. I just have to figure out what journals, accounts,… to use now… how I love accounting :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot,


For me using statment is the best option, if you want to atach the justifcation on the system, you can do by opening the moves relates after validating the statement. This will show each move created by the system. You can add attachments to each expense as justification there.

I mostly use for this kind of things the account move template. So when I put some petrol in my car I receive a receipt. From a move template I create a move with the different amounts and date. The receipt itself I scan and attach that to the move.

To balance everything, I use the bank statement import to import the bank statements. When done correctly, everything is then in balance.

When you have regular things which are not an invoice, just create a move template. It will save you a lot of time and trouble with adding to wrong accounts etc. Play with them because they are more powerful then you would think.


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