Generating QR-codes, displaying them in the GUI and putting them in Invoices


I wonder how I can get QR-codes into reports (esp. invoices) or display them in the GUI client. Any hints?

Background: Organizations might want to support EPC QR code or Swiss “QR-Bill” (which basically is the same). German Wikipedia even assumes, these QR-codes might become relevant at POS with the advent of instant payment. Thus the QR-code might also we viewable in the GUI client and the WebUI.

We added support for barcode and QR Code some time ago

Basically you need to install the optional dependencies on the server and then execute the qrcode function on your report with the needed parameters.

To shown then in the GUI, you need to create a Binary function field that calls the report to generate it and render it using image widget.

Thanks, this looks good. (I wonder why this did not show up when searching the forum.)

  • For the GUI you already explained ho to implement it.

  • For .odt reports, the relatorio docs says: " The next step is to add images programmatically, all you need to do is to create frame (‘Insert > Frame’) and name it image: expression […] The expression when evaluated must return a couple whose first element is a file object containing the image and second element is its mimetype."

Going to try it out soon.

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