Generate a ganttproject document from project


The idea is to generate a GanttProject document out of project module of Tryton.
GanttProject is an easy to use desktop application to present project reports : gantt, PERT, resource planning.

GanttProject uses an xml format to store its data. By providing GanttProject templates, Tryton could fill in data to generate a document. The user can then edit it and print it.

My use case is to convince prospect of the capability of Tryton to manage projects by a simple illustration output.

Do you think this could be also of some help for your activities ?

Thank you for any input.

Probably it should be doable by using the reporting engine to generate the format required to be imported on GantProject

I expect so, the rather complex point is to create the template which picks in Tryton most of the required information.
Do you think there would be a shared interest in a module to add this capability ?
May be many here are not used to GanttProject. There is a tutorial on it here which shows how GanttProject is a minimal the application which does well data presentation.

But the point of tool like GanttProject is to update the schedule automatically following the constraints (something project_plan is supposed to do). So if it is only a read-only import just to display the chart, there is no real feature. It should be in both way and allow to update the schedule in Tryton.
For me, it will be better to create a gantt view in Tryton which is mainly a kind of calendar with a linear timeline and one row per item.

we should not do it. When Tryton populates an .odf document, we don’t re-import data if the user modifies it. It would be the same with a .gan document.

GanttProject doesn’t import .gan file. It uses .gan file like LibreOffice uses an .odf file on a desktop.
Only generate a document is not so bad.

I think importing desktop documents is not a good idea, and we have CSV already for tihis

but how will you get a pdf with gantt, PERT, critical path and resource planning from this view ? .gan format would still be an option. wouldn’t it ?

You will not have a PDF by a picture like when saving a graph.

Creating a real document brings a batch of additional functions: templating, editing and format to MS-Project.
Indeed, as GanttProject is not a widely spread application (popular in France mainly), it cannot be considered in the standard Tryton.

Gnome Planner has a gantt view. Maybe it’s reusable

Seems an alternative. It uses a xml file too and comes under GPL V2. The solution would be similar in generating an xml document from a template.
I noticed some missing features though. I didn’t find PERT nor MS-Project export. It may also have some benefits I didn’t see.

Reusing something that already has viable export capabilities is not a bad idea…

Otherwise, the export should probably be in an xml and/or csv format readable
by most everyone (M$Project/Primavera/etcetera) might be a good read.

quite convincing, how would you see it in practice ?

I see the xml file generated by the Planner and this format can be generated by the report engine by replacing the desired field to show:

  • id ->

  • name ->

  • start -> Work.timesheet_start_date

  • end -> Work.timesheet_end_date

  • percent-complete -> Work.total_progress

  •   <task id="1" name="" note="" work="144000" start="20190508T000000Z" end="20190514T170000Z" work-start="20190508T080000Z" percent-complete="0" priority="0" type="normal" scheduling="fixed-work"/>

Note: I think that option is for particular and not general purpose because it requires other special dependencies like Planner. For the core of Tryton would be convenient a Gantt view.

xml generated for planner

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<project name="" company="" manager="" phase="" project-start="20190508T000000Z" mrproject-version="2" calendar="1">
      <day-type id="0" name="Jornada laboral" description="Un d&#xED;a de trabajo predeterminado"/>
      <day-type id="1" name="Jornada de descanso" description="Un d&#xED;a de descanso predeterminado"/>
      <day-type id="2" name="Usar base" description="Usar d&#xED;a del calendario base"/>
    <calendar id="1" name="Predeterminado">
      <default-week mon="0" tue="0" wed="0" thu="0" fri="0" sat="1" sun="1"/>
        <overridden-day-type id="0">
          <interval start="0800" end="1200"/>
          <interval start="1300" end="1700"/>
    <task id="1" name="" note="" work="144000" start="20190508T000000Z" end="20190514T170000Z" work-start="20190508T080000Z" percent-complete="0" priority="0" type="normal" scheduling="fixed-work"/>

Yes, but on the desktop only. As we need libreoffice to edit the other documents.