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Is there a general update procedure for point releases? I installed Tryton 6.2 in a venv using pip in mid-January ("% pip install trytond"), and yesterday received a new flury of Tryton update notices in my email inbox. Is there a simple pip command to update trytond packages? Is there a post-update procedure I need to follow, perhaps involving trytond-admin? I tried searching the documentation and forum without success. My focus at this time is on using Tryton but also want to stay current, and might as well follow point releases instead of LTS since it seems the procedure will be the same if I am only using core modules.

Also I noticed that the installed version of trytond is newer than the rest of my trytond packages, even though I installed them at the same time. Is this to be expected?

(env) [dale@starlord ~/work/trytond]$ pip list | grep trytond
trytond          6.2.3
trytond-company  6.2.0
trytond-country  6.2.0
trytond-currency 6.2.0
trytond-party    6.2.0
trytond-product  6.2.0
(env) [dale@starlord ~/work/trytond]$

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The database update is only needed between series update (when two first numbers are changing).
In such case there may be manual step to perform which are described in Migration - Tryton Discussion

Well each packages receive bug fix release only when bugs are found and fixed.
The important is to always packages from the same series.

Thank you @ced. To confirm my understanding, do I simply perform:

% pip install --upgrade trytond trytond-product

to update to the latest 6.2.x packages in the release notices?

If I understand correctly, once the first 6.3.x release is made, “pip install --upgrade” will upgrade my site from 6.2.x to 6.3.x code, but I will need to review Migration - Tryton Discussion for any manual steps needed to update the database.

Do I understand correctly? This will be my first live update. :slight_smile:

Yes except that it will be 6.4.

Also I strongly suggest to always provide the series number with pip operation like pip install --upgrade "trytond==6.2.*" to be sure to not upgrade series unexpectedly. Also pip is not very good to ensure that all installed packages are always compatible together when upgrading only some of them.

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